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Pharmacy Square

Several years ago in a baffling move average citizens never quite understood, the VES (Very Expensive Stuff) Pharmacy company decided to build a location in Heavenston on the corner of First Street and Second Avenue on the southwest corner.  This was directly across the street from the Halstein's Pharmacy that had been on the southeast corner for more than two decades.  Just as baffling, the city of Heavenston allowed this in their city planning instead of encouraging VES to build in a location more advantageous to its citizens.


The pharmacy battle continued to heat up when a year later Halstein's made the decision to compete with VES by building a newer location on the northwest corner of First Street and Second Avenue despite already having a location on the southeast corner.  The decision temporarily gave Halstein's the advantage until VES also decided to build another location on the northeast corner of First Street and Second Avenue.  The result has been what many Heavenston citizens call Pharmacy Square.  All four pharmacies remain open to this day.

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