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Heavenshire Stories
Their world.  One story at a time.

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About Heavenshire Stories

Who are we?

Michael Paslawski started writing plays in college (not including ones he wrote as a kid, which will not be mentioned further here).  In addition to his writing, sense of humor, and a desire to never grow up, Michael provides his interest in music, computers, and gaming to the creation of Heavenshire stories.  

Nicole Paslawski directed 10 Heavenshire-related plays at the middle school level from 2014 to 2019.  She lends her experience in theatre, photography, and digital arts along with her passion for gaming to the creation of Heavenshire stories.

​We are both new to creating visual/kinetic novels.  We are learning Ren’Py and image rendering with Daz3D as we go, but we have many stories to share and have a vision we want to bring to life.  Heavenshire Stories is an attempt to bring these visual stories to a wider audience using our blend of storytelling, visual renders, and music to create an entertaining experience (hopefully).


Heavenston, Heavenshire first appeared in the 1999 play Where Do I Find These Guys? written by Michael Paslawski and Roy C. Booth.  Michael Paslawski has now written many other plays involving the citizens of Heavenshire.

Our Stories

This genre of digital entertainment is more commonly referred to visual novels.  Visual novels usually have an element of interactivity to them, like Choose Your Own Adventure books did.  The choices you make shape the outcome of the story.  A subset of this genre, called kinetic novels, does not include interactive choices by the reader.  They are linear, but still contain the visual and audio elements of other visual novels.  This type of story better represents what we are currently making.  (Sorry no choices at this time.  But who knows, maybe one day?)  We prefer to refer to what we are creating as visual stories simply because they are not novel length, and they are visual, but we will include kinetic in the description so ensure people have the right expectations for what they invest their time in reading.  We plan to adapt many of our Heavenshire plays into these kinetic visual stories.

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